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Local resource for fitness clubs for seniors in Mesa. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to Yoga classes for seniors, Tai Chi and Qigong classes for seniors, Pilates training for seniors, senior body massage, fitness equipment for seniors, as well as advice and content on senior exercise safety.

Contours Express
(480) 827-0523
2706 E University Dr
Mesa, AZ
Lafitness Sports Clubs
(480) 503-0344
1126 S Gilbert Rd
Mesa, AZ
LA Fitness
(480) 497-9989
931 S Gilbert Road
Mesa, AZ
Circle of Life Tai Chi Academy
(480) 539-8555
1017 S Gilbert Rd Ste 102
Mesa, AZ
Mesa Southern Little League
(480) 834-8084
1630 E Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ
Goldens Day Spa
(480) 497-0470
931 S Gilbert Rd
Mesa, AZ
Lifelong Fitness
(480) 926-8989
1337 S Gilbert Rd Ste 121
Mesa, AZ
Goldens Health and Racquet Club
(480) 497-0470
931 S Gilbert Rd
Mesa, AZ
Golds Gym
(480) 497-8686
2156 E Baseline Rd
Mesa, AZ
Fitness Institute
(480) 838-8956
916 E Baseline Rd Ste 104
Mesa, AZ

Exercise for Seniors

Human beings might try to control nature as much as they want, but in the end nature inevitably gets back to us. In spite of the numerous anti-aging treatments, the fact remains that we cannot stop or reverse the ways of nature. But what we can control is the way we lead our lives and how we adapt to aging. By leading a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, eating the right kind of food in the right proportions, and exercising regularly, you can slow down the process of aging.

If you have been exercising all your life, you do not need to worry about the effects of a slow down in activity levels immediately, but if you have neglected your health, "NOW" is the time to bring in a change. Please do consult your doctor, however, before starting any new exercise program. There are special exercises for seniors, which help keep problems like joint pain and arthritis at bay. Aerobic exercise is also good for seniors.

Some of the changes that happen as you age

∗ As your body ages, some of the changes that take place can include a loss of:

∗ Strength: As you age, there is a loss of muscle strength and quality of tissue in your body.

∗ Endurance: Aerobic fitness is lost with age, which leads to reduced mobility in life.

∗ Flexibility: Flexibility changes with age and you will notice stiffness in your joints as days pass.

∗ Balance: Body balance also decreases with age, and each year, hospitals treat over 300,000 patients...

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